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Visit to South Korea 12.-17.10.2015

Participants (EQJ): Anja Heikkinen, Jenni Pätäri, JooHyun Park


Visit to Chonbuk National University 13.10.

  • Meeting with representatives of university management and higher education research.
  • Debate concerning and comparing Finnish and Korean higher education. Lectures and panel discussion.
    • Lecturers Heikkinen (keynote) and Park. Both acted also as panelists.

Visit to Seoul National University 14.10.

  • Heikkinen’s keynote “The threatened heritage of equality-politics in Finnish (higher) education”.
  • Research seminar between junior researchers. Pätäri presented her dissertation “Research-Practice Relations and the Will to Knowledge in Popular Adult Education” and Finnish adult education networks.

ICER-conference 2015 at Seoul National University 14.-16.10.

  • Presentation of Heikkinen & Pätäri: The Responsibility of Nordic Popular Adult Education – in Practice, Politics and Research (Heikkinen, Pätäri & Teräsahde)
  • Slides (pdf)

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