EquJust research group’s doctoral student Jenni Pätäri and SVV colleague Annika Turunen from Åbo Akademi University organized two SVV workshops at the annual January seminar of the Finnish Association of Adult Education Centres (Kansalaisopistojen liitto KoL) on 29.1.2016 in Rauma, Finland. KoL acts as an umbrella organization for the adult education centres in Finland and the January seminar gathers principals, coordinators, planners, teachers and other experts of the field together. The theme of the workshops was ”What’s the use of research for us? Discussion on research, practice and their relationship in the context of adult education centres’ future in Finland”. Workshops were inspired by SVV pamphlet ”Free, Frisky and Forceless Liberal Adult Education” (”Vapaa, vallaton ja vangittu sivistystyö” 2015, Pätäri, Turunen & Sivenius eds. See Issuu http://issuu.com/svv-ohjelma/docs/svv_pamfletti_2015).

Alltogether 39 actors of the field took part to the lively discussion. Jenni and Annika are composing an article based on the discussion that pointed out central research topics and e.g. debated whether the traditionally autonomous liberal adult education is suffering or not under the normative state control or if the normative state control even exists. The article will be added during the spring on SVV website.

Thanks for KoL for inviting us and for everyone who took part to the workshops and discussions!

Slides (in Finnish)

Photo: Jenni Pätäri