EquJust research group’s doctoral student Jenni Pätäri and EDU’s University Lecturer of Media Education Reijo Kupiainen gave a studia generalia lecture Many Lessons of Teaching Boards (“Koulutaulujen monet opetukset”) at the Finnish Labour Museum Werstas on 16.1.2016. The lecture was part of museum’s exhibition the Most Beautiful Teaching Boards and event Most Beautiful Teaching Boards and Songs with a sing-along. Event was a success with alltogether over 100 participants.

Besides their educational history and pedagogical and didactical significance Jenni and Reijo highlighted teaching boards as producers of visual order of history and cultures, flora and fauna, division of labour, religion, healthy lifestyle and Finland as part of the world and Europe and challenged their eurovision. The authors are writing an article based on the presentation.

Thank you Werstas for inviting us and for all participants for an inspiring day!

Slides (in Finnish)

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Photo: Teaching board “From Southern Ostrobothnia”, Vihtori Ylinen, 1915. Geographical pictures, series 7. Publisher: Helsinki: Kansanopettajain O.Y. Valistus.