As our colleagues from Zurich, Lorenz Lassnigg, a Senior Researcher and a Head of a research group on qualification, employment and innovation from the Department of Sociology of the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS), Vienna, is a long term collaborator of EDU’s EquJust-research group’s members. He visited EDU in April 18th – May 13th, 2016. Besides joint research activities and supervision discussions, he held an open lecture with discussion on Tuesday 10.5.2016. The topic of the lecture was “Knowledge, values and attitudes in education and in social progress – are there alternatives for universalizing discourses and models of global(izing) education”. It was based on discussions in the International Panel on Social Progress, Associate professor Hanna Toiviainen commented the lecture.

Lassnigg’s research focuses on the political and economic aspects of education, and particularly on the implications of the politics of lifelong learning on vocational and adult education. He has served on a number of international projects with the International Labour Organization, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training, the European Training Foundation, and the European Commission.

Article photo: International Panel on Social Progress,