EquJust group’s members from the University of Tampere and the University of Zurich collaborated actively during the academic year of 2016.

In January Heikkinen, Lätti and Pätäri visited the University of Zurich, Institute of Education, department for Vocational Education and Training. Besides networking and planning research collaboration, programme included annual January Colloquium themed “Whose education is it anyway? Collective versus individual claims to knowledge, education and learning”. The distinguished and interesting colloquium challenged and forced to develop ones scientific thinking, thesis framework and academic presentation, tells Pätäri.

In March professor Philipp Gonon and PhD students Philipp Eigenmann and Barbara Hof from the University of Zurich visited in turn the University of Tampere, School of Education. The programme was following:

  • Wednesday 30.3. Joint seminar on challenges of adult education with doctoral and MA students. Presentations from e.g. Eigenmann, Sipilä and Pätäri.
  • Thursday 31.3. Planning collaboration with EquJust research group and visit to the Finnish Labour Museum Werstas.
  • Friday 1.4. Joint seminar on foundations of vocational education with doctoral and MA students and the course Education, Work and Culture. Commentary from Gonon and presentation from e.g. Hof.


PDF-flyer of the January Colloquium 2016

Eigenmann’s abstract

Sipilä’s abstract

Pätäri’s slides (updated and developed since January)

Hof’s abstract

Tampere March 2016

Zurich January 2016