• Finnish popular adult education in comparison seminar 18.11. (in English)
  • Adult education and the planetary condition forum 1.12. (Freedom & Responsibility of Popular Adult Education activity. This seminar is organized in Finnish)
  • 7th Nordic Conference on Adult Education and Learning 3.–5.5.2017. International conference. Deadline for abstracts 6.1.2017.
  • The 13th Meeting of the History and Philosophy of Education 7.-9.6.2017. Deadline for abstracts 28.2.2017.

 Finnish popular adult education in comparison seminar

Time & venue: 18.11.2016. Tampereen seudun työväenopisto (TOP) Sampola, Sammonkatu 2, 33540 Tampere. Sampola adult education centre.

Seminar language: English

Preliminary program

12.00-12.45 Meeting at the lobby at TOP and tour around the house in small groups
12.45-13.15 Opening, professor Anja Heikkinen (University of Tampere, EDU)
13.15 Folk high schools, principal Aki Ojakangas (Murikka folk high school). + Study centres and associations, principal Marja Anitta Pehkonen (Sivis study centre). + Discussion.
14.30 Break
14.50 Popular adult education in South-Korea, professor Joon Heo  (Yeungnam University, College of Education). + “The truth of popular adult education – role of the academy”. + Discussion.
16.30 Closing

Adult education and the planetary condition -keskustelutilaisuus (Freedom & Responsibility of Popular Adult Education activity. This seminar is organized in Finnish)

Aika ja paikka: 1.12.2016, klo 14-16. Vapaa sivistystyö ry:n tilat, Annankatu 12 A 18, Helsinki.

Tilaisuus pohjautuu Adult education and the planetary condition -teoksen teemoihin. Teoksen ovat toimittaneet Aaro Harju & Anja Heikkinen ja sen julkaisijat ovat VST ry sekä SVV-ohjelma. Se on luettavissa molempien julkaisijoiden verkkosivuilla (esim. www.vapausjavastuu.fi) sekä ostettavissa Juvenes-printin verkkokaupasta (http://verkkokauppa.juvenesprint.fi/fi/)

Tule kuuntelemaan teokseen perustuvia kommenttipuheenvuoroja ja osallistumaan keskusteluun kestävän kehityksen teemoista ja vapaan sivistystyön vastuusta. Tilaisuuden ohjelma julkaistaan lähipäivinä osoitteessa www.vapausjavastuu.fi. Tilaisuuden kieli on suomi.

Upcoming international events

7th Nordic Conference on Adult Education and Learning 3–5 May 2017

Adult education in the age of global mobility

Venue: School of Education and Communication, Jönköping University, Sweden


  • Encell – National centre for lifelong learning at Jönköping University
  • Mimer – the Swedish network for research on popular education at Linköping University


  • Cecilia Bjursell, Jönköping University, cecilia.bjursell@ju.se
  • Henrik Nordvall, Linköping University, henrik.nordvall@liu.se

We are living in an era characterized by intense global mobility of people, artefacts, and ideas. During the last few years, with the current refuge situation, many adult educators in the Nordic countries have experienced how global interconnectedness affects their daily practices. Global migration, in general, triggers challenges and opens up new opportunities for adult learning. In sharp contrast to forced migration stands the privilege of the type of travel enjoyed by many people living in the Nordic countries. Travel related to recreation, work, or education is also a key element in relation to adult learning in contemporary society, and this raises questions about access, power relations, and the formation of transnational communities.  Travel concerns not only people, however: policies and educational and organizational ideas also travel across the world.  Social movements, once so central to the Nordic tradition of popular education, tend to stretch beyond national borders.

The multifaceted theme of global mobility, which we address at this 7th biannual Nordic conference on adult education and learning, reframes the classical question of whether there is such thing as a Nordic model of adult education and prompts us to ask how well Nordic adult education has adapted to our age of global mobility?  What processes of transformation, reinvention, and reframing are going on, in practice as well as in theory? Contributions relating adult education to various frames of reference are welcome. As in the previous conference, one session strand is dedicated to popular education and non-formal adult education.

Submission of abstract: 7 January 2017. Abstracts should be sent to Karolina.boberg@ju.se

More information will be available soon at www.liu.se/mimer/norden

The 13th Meeting of the History and Philosophy of Education

7-9 June 2017, Tampere


“Disciplinary Struggles in the History of Education”

The 13th Summer Days of the Finnish Research Network on History and Philosophy of Education will take place in University of Tampere, 7.-9.6.2017, in collaboration with the research group Equality and Planetary Justice in Adult, Vocational and Higher Education, the research programme Freedom and Responsibility of Popular Adult Education, The Finnish Society for Research on Adult Education, the research network Vocational Education and Culture and ESREA-network Active Democratic Citizenship and Adult Learning.

Discipline is a core concept in education, both in practice and in theory. Are educational practices necessarily also disciplinary despite their overt commitment to empowerment and emancipation, and how have the conceptions about discipline transformed historically and in different contexts? While justification of educational practices is increasingly based on authorized knowledge about education, how has the ownership and power of educational knowledge transformed historically and in different contexts? The position of education as a discipline has always been controversial: is it a genuine academic subject (science) with its distinctive categories, concepts and theories, or just application of conceptual and theoretical tools from other disciplines? Has the traditional human-centered fixation to certain disciplines – such as psychology, sociology, philosophy, economy – also contributed to environmental, economic and social crisis, which endanger the continuity of human life itself? What counts as education and educational knowledge is also essential for diversification of educational discipline into sub-fields or even new disciplines. This in turn relates closely to diversification of educational professionals, whose conceptions about education may fundamentally differ and even contradict each other.

The Summer Days event invites senior and junior researchers, students and practitioners to discuss and debate about different kinds of disciplinary struggles in the history of education, preferably from historical and philosophical perspectives. Students are welcomed to present their theses and we strongly recommend that their participation will be recognized as part of their studies.

We invite abstracts of presentations (max 1 page) in English and Finnish by the end of February 2017.Submission of abstracts and information about the event at the website https://equjust.wordpress.com/hifi2017/.

The sessions will be either in English or Finnish or bilingual.

See also

At this stage, please contact our conference assistant kaisa.partanen@uta.fi

On behalf of organizers Anja Heikkinen (EquJust, history and philosophy of education-network, VET and Culture network, SVV-programme), anja.heikkinen@uta.fi, Jenni Pätäri (EquJust, SVV-programme, FSRAE, Esrea ADC-network)

Photo: Unsplash Stock Photos, Petradr