International PhD research seminar

of PhD students’ from Tampere University and Tallinn University

Mare Building, room M-446

Wednesday, 9.11. arrival

Meeting with professor Anja Heikkinen 13.00–14. 00 (room: M (Mare building)- 434/M-431

Dinner 18.00

Thursday, 10.11.

14.45- 15.45. Open lecture of prof. Anja Heikkinen: Universities as spaces for wisdom or innovation factories, room S-333

Research Seminar, 1st day

16.00-19.00 M-446

Introduction: prof. K. Loogma, prof. L. Jõgi, prof. A. Heikkinen

  1. Conditions for agency and meaningful academic work in managerial university. Katriina Tapanila
  2. The Transformational impact of Gaia Education. Toomas Trapido
  3. Translations of Equality in Transforming Finnish Academia. Johanna Lätti
  4. “Young children (0-3 years) touchscreen use and parental mediation: study results”. Elina Nevski

Friday, 11.11.

Research Seminar, 2nd day

14.00 -17.00 , M- 446

Introduction. Prof. Anja Heikkinen, prof. Krista Loogma

  1. The will to knowledge in the early stages of the Finnish adult education discipline. Jenni Pätäri
  2. VET teachers’ changing professionality. Meidi Sirk
  3. Research-Practice-Policy Relations in Adult Education. Sini Teräsahde
  4. Students of VET. Reeli Liivik
  5. An analysis process of narrative interviews. Mare Sadam
  6. Orientations towards volunteering. Marja Anitta Pehkonen
  7. Hele Aluste (topic will be specified)