EquJust programme with visiting scholars Ioanna Katsikopoulou (York/Thessaloniki), Gabriele Molzberger and Loriana Metzger (Wuppertal), Philipp Eigenmann (Zurich), Joon Heo (Yeungnam) during 14.-18.12.2016 at the University of Tampere School of Education:

Wednesday 14.12.

  • 15-18, Virta 327, Graduate seminar
  • 18- Planning meeting and meal

Thursday 15.12.

  • 12-15, Meeting with EquJust-group (and lunch)
  • 15-19, Workshop with doctoral students: sharing interests and topics, inputs from visitors

Friday 16.12.

  • 10-11, Erasmus exchange-options between UTA, UZH and BUW
  • 12-16, Virta Edu´s Café, Closing session of Let’s Work Together -courses and activities: reports from students, inputs from visitors
  • 18-, Debriefing and joint meal

Saturday 17.12. 10-13/14

  • Workshop with EquJust-group/dr students: sharing interests, topics, plans and projects for future collaboration (joint research, supervision, studies/teaching)

A warm thank you to all who participated in the programme!

Photo: prof. Gabriele Molzberger