At the end of November 2017, Equjust researchers Anja Heikkinen, Jenni Pätäri, Katriina Tapanila, Virve Kallioniemi-Chambers and Johanna Lätti visited Institut für Höhere Studien (IHS, Institute for Advanced Studies) at Vienna. We were warmly welcomed by the ‘equi‘ research unit with Dr. Lorenz Lassnigg as the head of the group.

The purpose of the visit was to open reseach collaboration and to work a mutual project application. We had lively discussion on the on-going research within each groups, and got a good overview of the topical issues concerning Austria’s educational policies, PISA-evaluations and the debate around popular adult education and lifelong learning among others.

We very much enjoyed the hospitality of ‘equi group’, the institute and the city itself in the beginning of its Christmas season.