Finland is committed to follow the Maastricht Declaration of 2002 of the European Council about global education. The education is one fundamental right among every human’s rights. The global education includes education development and awareness to the human rights in which develops the skills of people, the cultural level and the ability of taking responsibility as ensuring a wider field of opportunities or particular development which optimize with the human’s aspirations.

(LET’S WORK TOGETHER) group is willing to convene at 27.4.2018, 14:00, floor 6, Kauppi reception center / Parantolankatu 6, 33500 Tampere.

We inviting you to participate in and share your opinions and suggestions which lead to develop the ways and means which insure the asylum seekers and the immigrants more opportunities to join the education institutions in Finland.

There will be people grouping of interested and involved in this regard ( researchers, staff, students,
administrative and people in a position of responsibility.

We’d like to tell you that the main language of workshop is English and there will be Arabic interpretation also.