I am a PhD student at the Faculty of Education, University of Tampere. I am studying and working on my PhD thesis, which is about first generation migrant-family students in higher education. My PhD thesis focus on FGMFS’s experiences and perceptions of being a student, feelings, beliefs, and plans for the future, problems and success. Knowing and collecting first-hand information from migrant students and the ways in which teachers and staff have treated them are interesting, needed and crucial. Moreover, the results of this research could help to pave the academic and social integration of first generation migrant-family students in higher education.

About my background, I completed my studies in Iran in an undergraduate program in civil engineering. After that, I started my work as a teacher in vocational school in Kurdistan of Iran. Being among students and working as a teacher, I became more and more involved in educational questions and I got motivated to study and to do research in the field of education.  I studied my master in history and philosophy of education. My M.A thesis is “An investigation on the status of multicultural education in Iran’s primary school level”According to my academic and personally background, I became more interested in multicultural education, Identity, ethnicity and minority, immigration and education. Moreover, according to my work and personal experiences, vocational education and culture is my other interest.