New book looks at education through the many meanings of discipline

The word “discipline” can mean either a field of science, control, or order. The book Disciplinary Struggles in Education consists of articles focusing on historical changes in educational knowledge, questions of power and morality, and internal struggles within the field.

The chapters in the first section of the book analyse the disciplinary character of educational practice and institutions. The second section focuses on justification of educational knowledge in transmission between theory and practice. The contributions of the third section problematise the aims and functions of educational practice and theory, which are critical for understanding the implications of disciplinary struggles in education for the future.

The book is suitable for researchers, students, education professionals and decision makers interested in educational, social and historical sciences. Although the chapters focus on certain historical periods, forms and contexts of education, they provide insights, which are useful and relevant for a wider discussion in the eclectic and diverse theories and practices of education.

The authors are social and educational scientists from Finland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia and Brazil. The book is edited by Anja Heikkinen, Jenni Pätäri and Gabriele Molzberger.

This ebook published by Tampere University Press is an Open Access publication. It is available on Tampere University institutional repository Trepo, OAPEN Library and the Directory of Open Access Books.

Anja Heikkinen, Jenni Pätäri & Gabriele Molzberger (eds.): Disciplinary Struggles in Education. Tampere University Press 2019. Available online:

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Disciplinary Struggles in Education is based on presentations in the conference Disciplinary Struggles in the History of Education, at the University of Tampere, 7th–9th of June 2017. The conference was organized by the Equality and Planetary Justice in Adult, Vocational and Higher Education-research group, the Finnish Research network on History and Philosophy of Education, Vocational Education and Culture-research network, Freedom and Responsibility of Popular Adult Education-programme, Finnish Society for Research on Adult Education and ESREA research network Active and Democratic Citizenship.

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