EquJust researchers professor Anja Heikkinen and doctoral researcher Sini Teräsahde visited Tallinn University between 4th to 13th November 2019. They joined the International Master’s Programme “Adult Education for Social Change” as visiting experts and lecturers for one week. The programme included lectures with the topics “Adult education and struggles on democracy: past, present and future” and “Understanding adult education as the intersection of research, practice and politics”, supervising master’s thesis processes and many lively discussions about “adult education” and “social change” with the active group of 25 students coming from all over the world. The programme is coordinated by the Glasgow University, with the Tallinn University, the University of Maynooth, the University of Malta and the Open University of Cyprus as consortium partners. At the Tallinn University, the programme is led by professor Larissa Jõgi. Heikkinen has visited as an expert in the programme already since 2017. The collaboration will continue as she has signed a contract for adding to the programme critical perspectives on historical, professional and political aspects of adult education, especially in Nordic countries.

During the week in Tallinn, in addition to many friendly encounters with Estonian researchers and teachers, Heikkinen and Teräsahde joined a pop-up research seminar organized in the School of Educational Sciences. They introduced newly published books Disciplinary Struggles in Education and Vapaa sivistystyö eilen, tänään ja huomenna and Teräsahde presented her doctoral research concerning the imageries about the relations of research, practice and policymaking in adult education.


Heikkinen attends also the doctoral seminar, organized jointly by the Tallinn University and the Tartu University during the week 46. Tampere University and Tallinn University have had a long-term collaboration in adult education in research and teaching, in doctoral thesis supervision and in the activities of different international research networks.