Participating virtually in the international conference on sustainability and sustainable Development

March 8-9, 2020

Department of Development Studies Islamic University Kushtia, Bangladesh

The Sustainable Development in Vocational Education (SUDE-VET) research group of the Faculty of Education and Culture of the Tampere University, participate virtually in the conference as a form of technical cooperation for the international conference jointly organized by the Development Studies Department of Islamic University and Dhaka University, Bangladesh from 8-9 March 2020. Conference`s participants from Equjust and SUDE-VET research group presented virtually as follow:

Education for planetary sustainability: tackling environmental degradation, social and economic inequality and forced migration

Professor Anja Heikkinen: keynote speakers 

Social and economic inequality limits Sustainable Development: a gender disparity perspective of Bangladesh

Ph.D. Nasrin Jahan Jinia &  Ph.D. SM Shafiqul Alam

Environmental Degradation, Forced Migration and Threats to Sustainability
(case: Water Supply in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq)

Doctoral student Golaleh Makrooni

Environmental degradation and education intervention in China

Ph.D. Cheng Jiao ,

South China Normal University, College of Vocational and Technical Education


Attached the abstract book: Abstract Book final