Virtual workshop among  academic staff from Tampere University and the University of Duhok in the Kurdistan region of Iraq

21.4.2020 at 10:00-13:00

14.05.2020 at 10:00- 13:00

Increasing mobility and migration around the world is one of the critical phenomena facing many countries.  Education in different forms and at different levels is important in shaping the change and responding to the challenge. It relates to different sectors, and to diverse cross-disciplinary and cross-professional pathways in the society. Cross-cultural cooperation can open new perspectives for development strategies. The workshop aimed to sharpen the questions, to be addressed jointly between participants in Finland and Kurdistan, in adult, vocational and higher education. The topics were discussed also from the perspective of forced migration.

Participants were from  different disciplines ; education, peace and conflict resolution, sociology ( social work, and psychology), water management, and internationalization and postgraduation studies