EquJust researcher SM Shafiqul Alam started working in the circular economy project (KIERTO) of Tampere City as a KIERTO agent in August 2021 for Tredu’s Hervanta unit. While working as a KIERTO agent, he has been able to utilize his professional skills as an expert in waste management and sustainable development of Tredu Hervanta. A piece of news has already been published on his work in the Tampere municipality network in the Finnish language: for your interest, the news link is below:
In brief, the news has covered the story of Alam’s journey in Finland. About his work, the news reported that Alam has conducted three surveys for staff and students in mapping up the current situation of the Tredu Hervanta office in terms of waste management and sustainability. Based on the survey results, he made suggestions to improve the waste management and sustainable development situation on the campus. In addition to the surveys, he is also going to be familiar with the Green Campus certification program that is already being applied in three other units of Tredu Tampere. Alam’s goal is to start the green certification application process for the Hervanta unit of Tredu. In his opinion, the green certification application process will improve the current situation of waste management and the sustainable development agenda of Tredu Hervanta in a more sustainable direction.