EquJust-group has close connections and long experience from research, teaching and supervision collaboration with colleagues and universities in China and East-Africa. In the context of current GINTL (global innovation networks in teaching and learning) initiatives of ministry of education and culture (together with other ministries), EquJust-group has discussed possibilities to develop pilot projects building on previous experiences and joint interests. The focus would be on promoting new curriculum development practices in universities, in order to create degree programs and curricula for new kinds of experts/professionals of adult and vocational education. They would function as change agents and system developers to enhance environmentally and socially sustainable communities and industries.

A preparatory study is currently carried out between senior and junior researchers in universities of Tampere, Mzumbe (Tanzania), Kisii (Kenya), Kyambogo (Uganda), Baoji (China) and SCNU (China), mapping the potential actors and topics of joint research and development projects. The work is rather challenging, due to different academic and societal contexts and operational infrastructure, but also great opportunity for mutual learning. The report should support developing future GINTL pilots and/or other possible projects during spring 2022, possibly with other partners in each context. More information, for example from Anja.