The main activities of the EquJust group include joint research, workshop once a semester, collaboration in supervision, presentations and publications, inputs to study programmes and initiatives and coordination of events promoting achievement of research aims.


Activity or Event Participants of the Group
Visiting scholar Cheng Jiao/Tracy (SCNU), semester 2017-2018
On-going network and project activities during semester:
  • Catch up with work project
Anja Heikkinen,  Katriina Tapanila, Satu Kinnunen
  • Let’s Work Together action group
Anja Heikkinen, Golaleh Makrooni, Areeg Hamid, Omar Dawood, Satu Kinnunen, Katriina Tapanila, Jenni Pätäri
  • Freedom and responsibility of popular adult education (e.g. meta-analytical book project 2018-2019)
Anja Heikkinen, Sini Teräsahde, Jenni Pätäri, Suvi Saviniemi, Jyri Manninen (UEF)
17.-20.10.2017. Visit at the University of Tallinn + Learning Journey. Adult Educators and/in Social Changes. 5th Biennal Conference of the ESREA Research Network for Adult Educators, Trainers and their Professional Development (ReNAdET). Tallinn. Anja Heikkinen (UTA), Sini Teräsahde (UTA), Jenni Pätäri (UTA), Katriina Tapanila (UTA), Cheng Jiao (UTA/SCNU), Larissa Jögi (Tallinn University), Georgios Zarifis (AUTH)
23.-25.11.2017 Visit at IHS, Vienna Anja Heikkinen (UTA), Jenni Pätäri (UTA), Katriina Tapanila (UTA), Johanna Lätti (UTA), Lorenz Lassnigg (IHS)
01/2018. Visiting scholar Lorenz Lassnigg (IHS)
16.1.2018 Symposium on popular education research and ADC network, Linköping Jenni Pätäri (UTA), Annika Pastuhov (ÅAU/LiU)
12.2.2018. Regional SVV-meeting, Tampere Heikkinen, Teräsahde, Pätäri, regional SVV network
14.-16.2.2018. National Adult Education Conference in Joensuu Anja Heikkinen (UTA), Sini Teräsahde (UTA),  Jenni Pätäri (UTA), Katriina Tapanila (UTA), Jyri Manninen (UEF, SVV), Annika Turunen (ÅAU, SVV)
April 2018 Visiting scholars Professor Philipp Gonon and doctoral researcher Stefanie Dernbach-Stolz from the University of Zurich.
5.4.2018. VET reforms in Finland, China and Switzerland Discussion session and lecture led by Anja Heikkinen, Philipp Gonon and Cheng Jiao.
6.4.2018. Joint research seminar on popular adult education. SVV-collaboration. Tampere. Anja Heikkinen, Philipp Gonon, Stefanie Dernbach-Stolz, Sini Teräsahde, Jenni Pätäri, Suvi Saviniemi, Satu Kinnunen
06/2018. History and Philosophy of Education Summer days, Kuopio. Anja Heikkinen
19.-20.10.2018. Adult Education and Struggles for Democracy in Precarious Times. ESREA conference, ADC network. Linköping, Sweden. Jenni Pätäri, Annika Pastuhov (LiU)
11-12/2018. Visiting scholar Bryson Kinyaduka, doctoral researcher at Mzumbe University and TUNI
11/2018. Visiting scholar Pamela Wadende, lecturer at the school of Education of Kisii University in Kenya
11/2018. Visit at Duhok University, MoU Anja Heikkinen, Golaleh Makrooni
16.11.2018. Kasvatustieteen päivät 2018. Symposium Ethics of adult, vocational and higher education in the era of anthropocene. Tampere. Anja Heikkinen, Jenni Pätäri, Johanna Lätti, Golaleh Makrooni, Nasrin Jinia, Areeg Hamid, Omar Sulaiman, Riikka Yli-Arvela, Mika Korkka, Pamela Wadende, Bryson Kinyaduka
12/2018. Visiting scholar Lorenz Lassnigg, emeritus