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jenni patari

Doctoral researcher at Tampere University, Faculty of Education and Culture. Topic of dissertation: Folk edification and the will to knowledge in the history of popular adult education. Networks besides EquJust: SVV (Freedom & Responsibility of Popular Adult Education, Finnish joint research programme) and ATS (The Finnish Society for Research on Adult Education).

Gallery – Environmental care and social progress – forgotten or impossible connection?

Environmental care and social progress – forgotten or impossible connection? Seminar 27.1.

Pop-up seminar, 27.1.2020 at 15.30-17.30, Tampere University, EDU, Virta-building, Edu’s Café (3rd floor).  Universities have become ever more performative institutions, which build on individual competition and strategic alliances in the struggle about resources and recognition. Therefore, even the increasing funding... Continue Reading →

Working with global citizenship education, Agenda 2030’s target 4.7 and Sitra

October and November was full of cross-sectoral collaboration on themes of sustainable development and planetary responsibility, for instance with global citizenship education (GCE), and envisioning the Agenda 2030’s target 4.7 as well as new edification movement. Firstly, EquJust and SVV... Continue Reading →

Anne Pylvänäinen’s thesis defense: Development Evaluation for Local Impacts: Evaluation Elements contributing to Evaluation Use, A Vocational Education Case in Tanzania as an Awakener

Date: 17.8.2019 at 12.00, Tampere University, main building, A1, Kalevantie 4, Tampere. Opponent: Docent Tiina Kontinen University of Helsinki Thesis supervisor: professor Anja Heikkinen, Tampere University The dissertation is available at Live streaming of the defense on 17.8.2019 at See... Continue Reading →

New publication Disciplinary Struggles in Education out now!

New book looks at education through the many meanings of discipline The word “discipline” can mean either a field of science, control, or order. The book Disciplinary Struggles in Education consists of articles focusing on historical changes in educational knowledge,... Continue Reading →

Terveiset kasvatuksen historian ja filosofian päiviltä 2019

Maisteriopiskelija Suvi Saviniemi, väitöskirjatutkija Jenni Pätäri ja professori Anja Heikkinen pitivät Kasvatuksen historian ja filosofian päivillä Oulussa 11.-12.6. symposiumin teemasta vapaan sivistystyön ajat ja paikat. Alustukset pohjautuivat muun muassa maaliskuussa julkaistun Vapaa sivistystyö eilen, tänään ja huomenna -teoksen teksteihin. Saviniemi pohti ajallisuutta... Continue Reading →

Visiting scholars from Duhok, Switzerland, Germany and Vienna (April 2019)

Visiting scholar Gabriele Pessl (Spring 2019)

Gabriele Pessl is a researcher at the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS) in Vienna and Doctoral student in sociology at the University of Vienna. As a member of the research group Equi at the IHS she focuses on research questions... Continue Reading →

Call for Papers: ETMU conference 14.-15.11. Solidarity, participation and politics

16th ETMU Conference “SOLIDARITY, PARTICIPATION, AND POLITICS” will take place in Tampere University, 14.-15.11.2019. The call for open and closed workshops is now open until April 15th 2019. More information and instructions for workshop proposals Scholars from various disciplines,... Continue Reading →

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