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Report from Bildung gospel – a salvation to wicked problems- seminar 9.2.2022

Attached find a reflection paper from the pre-seminar Bildung gospel - a salvation to wicked problems, organized in adjunction to the Finnish adult education-research conference in February 2022. bildung-reflections_2.0Download

Katriina Tapanila väittelee / Katriina’s defence on 2.6.2022

Katriinan väitöskirja Työn merkityksellisyyden rakentaminen osana tutkija-opettajien ammatillista kasvua muuttuvassa yliopistossa tarkastetaan julkisesti Tampereen yliopiston kasvatustieteiden ja kulttuurin tiedekunnassa torstaina 2.6.2022 klo 12 auditoriossa 109 (Åkerlundinkatu 5, Tampere). Vastaväittäjänä toimii professori Timo Aarrevaara Lapin yliopistosta. Kustoksena toimii professori emerita Anja... Continue Reading →

Aineistoja Pöhinää kylille-työpajasta ja Pöhinää Pirkanmaalle-seminaarista

Raportti Oriveden Pöhinää kylille - mitä on kansalaistoiminnan, demokratian ja sivistyksen paikallisuus?-työpajasta. Report from the workshop in Orivesi, discussing localness of civic action, democracy and edification. pohinaakylille_2022-1 Kalvot Tampereen seminaarista Pöhinää Pirkanmaalle - sivistystyö paikallista kansalaistoimintaa ja demokratiaa rakentamassa. Powerpoints... Continue Reading →

Promoting collaboration with Chinese and East-African partners

EquJust-group has close connections and long experience from research, teaching and supervision collaboration with colleagues and universities in China and East-Africa. In the context of current GINTL (global innovation networks in teaching and learning) initiatives of ministry of education and... Continue Reading →

Pöhinää Pirkanmaalle

(Below in English) Koronarajoitusten takia muutos: Jatkona Pöhinää kylille - työpajalle Orivedellä 17.-18.8.2021, Pirkanmaan liitto järjestää työpajan aktiivien kanssa seminaarin Pöhinää Pirkanmaalle - sivistystyö paikallista kansalaistoimintaa ja demokratiaa rakentamassa? perjantaina 25.3.2022, klo 12-15. Lisätietoja ja ilmoittautumisohjeet tästä linkistä. Due to... Continue Reading →

Insearch2021 conference

Insearch 2021 conference takes place in Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development, Cumilla 18.-19.12.2021. (see Due to covid-19 pandemic it is hybrid this year (having been cancelled in 2020). EquJust-research group is one of the organizers. Based on the Orivesi... Continue Reading →

EquJust researcher SM Shafiqul Alam started working in the circular economy project (KIERTO) of Tampere City as a KIERTO agent

EquJust researcher SM Shafiqul Alam started working in the circular economy project (KIERTO) of Tampere City as a KIERTO agent in August 2021 for Tredu’s Hervanta unit. While working as a KIERTO agent, he has been able to utilize his... Continue Reading →

Responsibility of universities in promoting adult and vocational education for environmental sustainability: cross-cultural collaboration towards planetary solutions – workshop, 15.11. at 11.45-13.15, in the virtual JoLii conference 15.-17.11.2021

Organizing team: Anja Heikkinen, Professor emerita, Tampere University,, Golaleh Makrooni, Doctoral researcher,  Tampere University,, Xin Xing, Lecturer, Baoji University of Arts and Sciences, China,, Cheng Jiao, Lecturer, South China Normal University,, Nasrin Jinia, Researcher, Tampere University,... Continue Reading →

Bildung-gospel: a salvation to the wicked problems?

A renaissance or hype or gospel around Bildung has recently emerged in Europe, especially in the adult education - and more specifically popular adult education - field. A hybrid pre-seminar adjunct to the Finnish adult education research conference (10.-11.2.2022) is... Continue Reading →

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