National and international collaboration

The national and international collaboration of EquJust group builds of long-term relations and current activities with colleagues and partners in different parts of the world. The collaboration focuses mainly on research seminars, supervision, joint teaching, study circles and publications.

In addition, Equjust group has Erasmus+ mobility networks in Bangladesh, Kurdistan and Tanzania. More information about these collaborations can be found from the sub-pages of this section.

Main affiliate organizations and networks

  • Universities of Zurich (Philipp Gonon, Markus Weil), Mzumbe (Perpetua Kalimasi Kilasi, Bryson Kinyaduka), Thessaloniki (Georgios Zarifis), Aalborg (Palle Rasmussen); Seoul National University (Soonghee Han), Institute of Advanced Studies Vienna (Lorenz Lassnigg) and Tallinn University (Larissa Jõgi, Krista Loogma).
  • Vocational Education and Culture -research network; ReWell (Promoting regional wellbeing through adult and vocational education) collaboration; EERA Politics of Education network; ESREA Policy Analysis -, History of Adult Education -, Professionals of Adult Education – and Active Democratic Citizenship networks.