terasahde sini 120617 JR 05

Picture: Jonne Renvall / Tampereen yliopisto

Doctoral student
sini.terasahde [a] uta.fi
EquJust research theme: Transforming relations between research, practice and politics of education

Research interests
  • Adult education, popular adult education
    • Connections and collaboration of adult education actors
  • Politics of higher education and research
    • University’s relation to and impact on society, research-practice relation, research-policy relation
  • Actor-network theory and Bruno Latour’s philosophy of relations
Current activities
  • Doctoral dissertation: Actor-network theory approach in studying the relations between actors of research, practice and policy in Finnish adult education. Supervisor: Professor Anja Heikkinen.
  • Teaching in the faculty of education
  • Network activity: Freedom & Responsibility of Popular Adult Education (SVV)