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Terveiset kasvatuksen historian ja filosofian päiviltä 2019

Maisteriopiskelija Suvi Saviniemi, väitöskirjatutkija Jenni Pätäri ja professori Anja Heikkinen pitivät Kasvatuksen historian ja filosofian päivillä Oulussa 11.-12.6. symposiumin teemasta vapaan sivistystyön ajat ja paikat. Alustukset pohjautuivat muun muassa maaliskuussa julkaistun Vapaa sivistystyö eilen, tänään ja huomenna -teoksen teksteihin. Saviniemi pohti ajallisuutta... Continue Reading →

Call for Papers: ETMU conference 14.-15.11. Solidarity, participation and politics

16th ETMU Conference “SOLIDARITY, PARTICIPATION, AND POLITICS” will take place in Tampere University, 14.-15.11.2019. The call for open and closed workshops is now open until April 15th 2019. More information and instructions for workshop proposals Scholars from various disciplines,... Continue Reading →

International Integrative Research Conference on Governance and Modernization in Changing Environment (Jinia)

Summary about the Conference (by Nasrin Jahan Jinia) I went to Bangladesh to attend the INSEARCH 2018 5th International Integrative Research Conference on Governance and Modernization in Changing Environment held on 18-19 December, 2018 at Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development... Continue Reading →

Learning Journey. Adult Educators and/in Social Changes. Tallinn University, October 2017

EquJust researchers Anja Heikkinen, Jenni Pätäri, Sini Teräsahde, Katriina Tapanila and Tracy Cheng participated in the 5th Biennial Conference of the ESREA Research Network for Adult Educators, Trainers and their Professional Development (ReNadET). The meeting was organized at the University of... Continue Reading →

Disciplinary struggles program updated / HIFI-päivien päivitetty ohjelma

Please be aware that there might be some changes in the program e.g. due to cancellations. If you have any questions, contact Jenni Pätäri (jenni.patari(at) Program web page PDF (new updates 6.6.2017. Dr. Dawood's presentation added, dr. Moisio's cancellacion.) Disciplinary Struggles in... Continue Reading →

History and Philosophy of Education summer event – Remember to register / HIFI-päivien ilmoittautuminen 28.4. asti

Remember to register for the History & Philosophy of Education summer event - Disciplinary Struggles in the History of Education (In Finnish below) The organizers of the Summer days for History & Philosophy of Education are pleased to invite you... Continue Reading →

Upcoming EquJust activities during this fall and next spring – Come join us!

Finnish popular adult education in comparison seminar 18.11. (in English) Adult education and the planetary condition forum 1.12. (Freedom & Responsibility of Popular Adult Education activity. This seminar is organized in Finnish) 7th Nordic Conference on Adult Education and Learning... Continue Reading →

Save the date: The 13th Summer Days of the Finnish Research Network on History and Philosophy of Education

SAVE THE DATE & 1st Call for Papers – In Finnish below Please note - Opening of the abstract submission will be announced later on this webpage. The sessions will be either in English, Finnish or bilingual. The 13th Meeting of the History... Continue Reading →

Adult Education Conference in Jyväskylä (February 2016)

The national Adult Education Conference was held on February 18-19, 2016 at the University of Jyväskylä, organized by the Finnish Society for Research on Adult Education and the University of Jyväskylä, Faculty of Education. The theme of the conference was... Continue Reading →

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