Tampere University's Research Group Equality & Planetary Justice in Adult, Vocational & Higher Education

EquJust researcher SM Shafiqul Alam started working in the circular economy project (KIERTO) of Tampere City as a KIERTO agent

EquJust researcher SM Shafiqul Alam started working in the circular economy project (KIERTO) of Tampere City as a KIERTO agent in August 2021 for Tredu’s Hervanta unit. While working as a KIERTO agent, he has been able to utilize his... Continue Reading →

Responsibility of universities in promoting adult and vocational education for environmental sustainability: cross-cultural collaboration towards planetary solutions – workshop, 15.11. at 11.45-13.15, in the virtual JoLii conference 15.-17.11.2021

Organizing team: Anja Heikkinen, Professor emerita, Tampere University,, Golaleh Makrooni, Doctoral researcher,  Tampere University,, Xin Xing, Lecturer, Baoji University of Arts and Sciences, China,, Cheng Jiao, Lecturer, South China Normal University,, Nasrin Jinia, Researcher, Tampere University,... Continue Reading →

Bildung-gospel: a salvation to the wicked problems?

A renaissance or hype or gospel around Bildung has recently emerged in Europe, especially in the adult education - and more specifically popular adult education - field. A hybrid pre-seminar adjunct to the Finnish adult education research conference (10.-11.2.2022) is... Continue Reading →

Pöhinää kylille-työpaja 17.-18.8.2021

Below in English Osana SVV-ohjelman KOSI-hanketta ( järjestettiin Oriveden Kampuksella ( 17.-18.8.2021 työpaja Pöhinää kylille - mitä on kansalaistoiminnan, demokratian ja sivistyksen paikallisuus? EquJust-ryhmästä mukana olivat Anja, Jenni, Golaleh, Nasrin, Asad ja Satu. Pienryhmät pohtivat ja ideoivat aiheita vapaan sivistystyön,... Continue Reading →

Komeetta-project has started

EquJust members Golaleh Makrooni, Anna Ojapelto and Anja Heikkinen are taking part in ESF funded Komeetta – culturally inclusive mentoring for immigrants -project (1.3.2021-31.7.2023). Komeetta-project aims at promoting the inclusion and employment of migration background men who are outside of... Continue Reading →

Anna Ojapelto’s Master’s thesis: Integration for employability? Transforming discourses in integration training for adults.

Anna Ojapelto's Master's thesis is now published and available here. In her thesis, Ojapelto examined how the notion of employability has become prevalent in integration policies and practices within integration training in Finland. Below is the abstract of the thesis:... Continue Reading →

Blog post: Towards sustainability – Sustainable integration of immigrants through alternatives in adult vocational education

Golaleh Makrooni, Shafiqul Alam and Nasrin Jinia write in their blog text "Towards Sustainability - Sustainable integration of immigrants through alternatives in adult vocational education" about adult learning and sustainable migration. Writers suggest that more attention should be paid on... Continue Reading →

MESH Project

The aim of MESH-project is to support people with immigrant background, in other words international talents, positioning into the Finnish labour market. The goal of the project is to develop, experiment and distribute models and practices of mentoring and systematize... Continue Reading →

Conference for history and philosophy of education 14.-15.6.2021

The annual summer days of the Finnish history and philosophy of education-research network is organized 14.-15.6.2021, in University of Jyväskylä. More information and instructions in Finnish and English:

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