A Project group from Mersin, Turkey (International Science Art Education Association, UBISED) visited in Tampere on 10.-16.11.2019. The group was especially interested in hearing and sharing experiences about migrant integration and refugee situation both in Finland and Turkey. On Monday 11.11., Katriina Tapanila, Anna Ojapelto and Nasrin Jinia welcomed the group to the faculty of education and culture. Katriina and Anna introduced the context of migration and integration in Finland and the Catch up with Work -project to the group and Nasrin was helping the visitors and joining many of the activities with them throughout the week.

During their stay, the project group visited in various places working within migrant integration (e.g. Marhaban centre and Tampere adult education centre TAKK,) and participated in ETMU-conference at Tampere University on 14.-15.11.